The Way It Still Is: An Excerpt

The below is taken directly from The Confessions of Noa Weber by Gail Hareven (Translated by Dalya Bilu; Melville House, 2009)

Interviewer: So how did it happen that you went to study law?
Feminist writer: It was a coincidence. With women, you know, things happen by chance. There was a man I wanted to impress.
Interviewer: Did you want him to fall in love with you?
Feminist writer: I knew I didn’t have a hope.
Interviewer: But surely he must have been impressed….
Feminist writer: He didn’t even know I was studying. You see, he wasn’t in the country at all, there was no contact between us. I just imagined that he was looking at me all the time.
Interviewer: And afterwards?
Feminist writer: What afterwards? There is no afterwards. There is no earlier and later in love. When he felt like summoning me, I went to be his mistress. That’s the way it still is.

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